Augmentation Kit (47.966.00)  - Blue & Green Inc.
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Augmentation Kit (47.966.00)  - Blue & Green Inc. Augmentation Kit (47.966.00)  - Blue & Green Inc.

Augmentation Kit (47.966.00)

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Reasons for reconstruction of the alveolar ridge occur due to defects in the jaw ridge areas. The most frequent causes are:

Atrophy of the alveolar ridge and extraction defects.

Out of aesthetic reasons alone, in visible areas, these defects need to be reconstructed. 

The augmentation is carried our with autologous bone and titanium foil. The bone implants are covered with a titanium foil after application. To avoid dislocation of the augmentation material below the membrane, the membrane is fixed with at least 2 pins. 

The titanium pins with 3mm or 5mm length are taken our of the storage box by means of the applicators and pressed into the bone through the foil or membrane. 

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