Complete Kit Extraction Forceps (BG KIT OEZ5)Helmut Zepf
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Complete Kit Extraction Forceps (BG KIT OEZ5)

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Made in Germany. German stainless steel. Onyx coating!

This Set includes:

- Roba Onyx Forceps, Upper Premolars (12.235.07ZTI)

- Roba Onyx Extraction Forceps for Lower Roots (12.045.15ZSTI)

- Roba Extraction Forceps, Upper Left Molars & Wisdom, Onyx Coat (12.218.00ZTI)

- Roba Extraction Forceps, Upper Right Molars & Wisdom, Onyx Coat (12.217.00ZTI)

- Roba Onyx Cowhorn Extraction Forceps, Upper Wisdoms, Diamond Tip (12.267.01ZTI)

- Roba Onyx Extraction Forceps, Lower Pre Molars, Special Beaks (12.221.90ZTI)

- Roba Extraction Forceps, Lower Incisors & Premolars, Onyx Coat (12.236.08ZTI)

- Roba Extracting Forceps, Lower Molars and Wisdom Teeth (12.222.00ZTI)

- Roba Onyx-Coating - Extraction Forceps for Upper Roots  (12.051.15ZSTI)

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