Complete Restoration Removal Kit (18180)SS White
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Zircon and Complete Restoration Removal Kit (18180)

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Doctors who previously used 2 or 3 carbides to remove crowns reported using one GW to remove 2-3 crowns. The faster cutting rate is experienced in amalgam, PFM and all non-precious metals which doctors indicated save them 12 hours a year.

A convenient selection of SS White carbide burs and diamond instruments specifically designed for the efficient and atraumatic removal of failed amalgams, composites, crowns and for creating proper endodontic access

The SS White Complete Restoration Removal Kit features popular sizes and shapes of:

Great White carbide burs designed to cut through metal substructures for crown removal or endodontic access through metal.

Revelation Diamonds for fast, consistent cutting of preparations.

Great White Z Diamonds for efficient cutting of zirconia crowns.
Kit Contents:
1 Great White® #1 #15061
1 Great White® #2 #15062
1 Revelation® Diamond 801-014C #91188-5
1 Revelation® Diamond 801-018C #91004-5

1 Revelation® Diamond 856-016C #91069-5
1 Great White® Z 801-018 #18163
1 Great White® Z 856-018 #18161

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