Great White® Z Round End Taper 856-018 (18161)Blue & Green Inc.
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Great White® Z Round End Taper 856-018 (18161) Cutting Zircon Crown

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Gain Access or Remove a Crown in less than 1 minute with Great White® Z. The proprietary bonding process with fine grit synthetic diamond particles creates more consistent particle coverage, durability and cutting efficiency, enabling faster completion of more efficient procedures, providing significant material cost savings, chair time savings and patient satisfaction.

GWZ 856-018
ITEM# 18161
5 PK
Head Length (mm) 8.0
Max Head Diameter (mm) 1.8
LOA - Overall Length (mm) 22.0

If you have used standard diamonds or carbide burs to cut through a crown with a zirconia substructure or to gain endodontic access, you already know the time-consuming frustration of this task. You can ease the frustration of cutting through these hardest of dental materials with Great White® Z diamonds to save time and efficiently cut through zirconia and PFM crowns. Use of Great White® Z has been shown to reduce vibration and risk of micro-fractures, adding to a better patient experience.

Great White® Z Features:

  • Fine diamond particles and a proprietary diamond bonding technique
  • Four specialty shapes for slot crown removal technique, endodontic access and adjustment procedures
  • Friction grip shank configuration
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