Heidbrink Root-Splinter Elevator, Luxator Right (17.053.03) - Blue & Green Inc.
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Heidbrink Root-Splinter Elevator, Luxator Right (17.053.03)

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Root elevator/ Luxator with Flohr Handle

Root elevators are used for surgical tooth extractions. They are used to luxate the tooth in the osseous alveolus and to expand the alveolus walls. They are also used to open the gingival sulcus prior to the tooth extraction.

Curved root elevators are ideal for the back teeth in the mandible.

The shaft of Root Elevators are welded onto their hollow handles, and each and every one is checked for leakage at the welded joints.

This manufacturing method virtually eliminates the leakage compared to cheap root elevators with pressed-in shafts.

German Stainless Steel. Made in Germany.

As inventory changes from time to time, in case the item is lack of sufficient supply, it might become a backorder but will be available soon.

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