Large TouchGrip Microsurgical Instrument Set (ZTG1-L)Helmut Zepf
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Large TouchGrip Microsurgical Instrument Set (ZTG1-L)

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Large Touchgrip Microsurgical Instrument Set Includes 5 Basic Micro Instruments and up to 8 individual instruments (added in the second list below, see image for details)

85.195.20 - Big Touchgrip Microsurgical Instrument Washbasket 1/1 Included

22.810.17HZU - Micro Tissue Forceps

46.319.17HZU - Micro Spring Scissors

41.010.17HZU - Needle Holder, Micro

46.013.00HZU - Microsurgical Scalpel Handle

46.035.17HZU - Papilla Elevator, double-ended


Can also include:

24.295.03HZU - Buser Bone Curette

24.744.01L-HZU - Curette Curved Langer 1/2

24.744.05L-HZU - Curette Straight, Langer 5/6

24.744.06HZU - Hygienist H6-H7 Scaler

24.744.15HZU - Palatal Raspatory acc. to Prof. Dr. Hurzeler

24.744.25HZU - Glickman Raspatory with Prichard Retractor

24.744.70HZU - Back-Action Chisel

24.744.80HZU - Ochsenbein Bone Chisel

46.035.20HZU - Tunneling Combination Instrument

41.855.01HZU - Lucas Bone Curette, #1, 2.5mm

24.744.50HZU - Periodontal Probe, CNC North Carolina

24.085.00HZU - Mouth Mirror with Lip Retractor

37.445.02HZU - Hilger Retractor

17.045.04HZU - Gap Plugger, distal angle, acc. to Deppeler

46.007.00HZU - Macro Scalpel Blade Holder for Standard Blades

22.820.17HZU - Micro Surgical Forceps, smooth, straight, 17.5cm 

Made in Germany. German stainless steel.

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