Large TouchGrip Microsurgical Instrument Set (ZTG1-L)Helmut Zepf
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Large TouchGrip Microsurgical Instrument Set (ZTG1-L)

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Large Touchgrip Microsurgical Instrument Set Includes 5 Basic Micro Instruments and up to 8 individual instruments (added in the second list below, see image for details)

85.195.20 - Big Touchgrip Microsurgical Instrument Washbasket 1/1 Included

22.810.17HZU - Micro Tissue Forceps

46.319.17HZU - Micro Spring Scissors

41.010.17HZU - Needle Holder, Micro

46.013.00HZU - Microsurgical Scalpel Handle

46.035.17HZU - Papilla Elevator, double-ended


Can also include:

24.295.03HZU - Buser Bone Curette

24.744.01L-HZU - Curette Curved Langer 1/2

24.744.05L-HZU - Curette Straight, Langer 5/6

24.744.06HZU - Hygienist H6-H7 Scaler

24.744.15HZU - Palatal Raspatory acc. to Prof. Dr. Hurzeler

24.744.25HZU - Glickman Raspatory with Prichard Retractor

24.744.70HZU - Back-Action Chisel

24.744.80HZU - Ochsenbein Bone Chisel

46.035.20HZU - Tunneling Combination Instrument

41.855.01HZU - Lucas Bone Curette, #1, 2.5mm

24.744.50HZU - Periodontal Probe, CNC North Carolina

24.085.00HZU - Mouth Mirror with Lip Retractor

37.445.02HZU - Hilger Retractor

17.045.04HZU - Gap Plugger, distal angle, acc. to Deppeler

46.007.00HZU - Macro Scalpel Blade Holder for Standard Blades

22.820.17HZU - Micro Surgical Forceps, smooth, straight, 17.5cm 

Made in Germany. German stainless steel.

As inventory changes from time to time, in case the item is lack of sufficient supply, it might become a backorder but will be available soon.

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