PHOTO CASSETTE 3 (182779) photo cassette - Blue & Green Inc.
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These cassettes allow you to store and to sterilize your accessories for Intra Oral Photography. Easy draining when cleaning in an ultrasonic bath or thermo-disinfector. Your mirrors are held in place and kept safe. The cassette is equipped with silicone inserts shaped to hold securely mirrors and mirror handle. The new «Lock System» is very reliable and easy to use. Sterilization in an autoclave (please refer to instructions for use, supplied with cassette).

Photo Cassette n°3 - Size 22,5 x 12 x 4,7 cm

- Complete Cassette..................Ref. 182779 (1 Universal Mirror + 1 Double Ended Silicone Contrastor Palatal + 1 Double Ended Upper Silicone Contrastor)

- Empty Cassette .....................Ref. 182777

Made in France

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