Introducing My Clip & My Ring Sectional Matrice Systems!

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Introducing My Ring (6301) & My Clip (6302)!

Save Money & Time!

My Ring (6301)

Save money: Keep the ring and replace just the rubber parts!

  • Ring for sectional matrices
  • Exchangeable, autoclavable rubber ends
  • Long ring life, just replace the rubber ends when necessary 
  • Optimized anatomy of the rubber end, optimized grip. 




My Clip (6302)

Save time, forceps and rings all in one device!

  • A combination of forceps with a ring for sectional matrices
  • Adapted Seperation Force
  • Saves Chair Time
  • Exchangeable Autoclavable rubber ends
  • Optimized anatomy of the rubber ends, optimized grip
  • Optimized for longevity, quality and price!

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