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Composite Instruments Maintenance

Download a PDF Version of the Composite Maintenance Instructions.


Download the Maintenance for SS White Products here.


Instrument maintenance





Instrument Use:

How to Protect your instruments:

Protect Your valuable instruments by noting the following guidelines:

  • Before each use clean, sterilize and inspect the instrument.
  • Before sterilization wash instruments under warm running water to remove all foreign debris, brush instruments carefully with plastic cleaning brushes.
  • Leave Instruments in an open position (needle holders and hemostatic forceps may crack if sterilized in a closed position)
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for every method of sterilization.
  • Dry instruments after the final rinse or allow to cool completely.
  • Lubricate Instruments (never use oil-based lubricants).
  • If Dry Heat sterilization applied do not exceed operating temperature above 200' C or 390'F.
  • Do not sterilize the aluminum instrument containers in temperatures above 135C or 260F.

How to Correctly Use Your Elevators!!!

Incorrect use of elevators can often result in broken tips. Not only does this end up costing the dentists but, it is also dangerous when pieces of an instrument end up in a patients mouth. Below is an image showing the correct way to use and apply force to your elevators. We also recommend that elevators should strictly be used for elevation and loosening teeth and that the brunt of the extraction should be done by a specific pair of forceps designed for the tooth. This way you ensure safe extraction and preservation of the bone and socket as well as your instruments.


X-Tools (Interproximator) - Tips for Use

1. Initial loosening of the tooth. First approximal, then buccal application of the X-DesmoTool Instrument (Yellow Marking) Usage: Pencil Grip! Note: Instrument is not to be used as a lever.

2. Followed by progressive luxation of the fibers. Ideal Position: approximal (mesial instrument. Working Position: Pencil grip distal) to the tooth which is to be extracted.

3. Complete luxation of a right upper molar (eg Tooth 16) with a wide X-LuxaTool Instrument. Very easy handling. Gentle extraction without any root fracture!

4. Inspection and curettage of the empty tooth. Complete removal of all inflamed application and connective tissue fibers. Note: These instruments have been developed as an alternative for classic elevators. The instrument is not destined for a conventional brace against buccal and/or lingual bones. Furthermore, the gentle removal of the teeth should be reached by prior luxation and cutting the sharpey's fiber.

Helmut Zepf X-Tools Guide - Blue & Green Inc. - Tips & Maintenance

Helmut Zepf X-Tools - Blue & Green Inc. - Tips and Maintenance

Jota Sterilization - Blue & Green Inc.

Buying Cheap can often end up being more expensive!

Below is an attempted copy of our forceps. It was made very clear how different they were in quality when the forceps broke after only three uses. This pair belonged to a customer of ours who asked us to put this into our site to bring attention to other dentists when considering the price.