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The X-Tools (Interproximator) will give you the best performance and efficiency to extract the teeth, especially when you combine them with our unique periotome (26.182.23) and our atraumatic forceps (12.044.15ZS & 12.045.15ZS).

 Please Note these elevators come with different tip size from 2.5mm to 4mm for different areas of the mouth. Be Gentle with them and do not use as a lever. These will be a game changer for any extraction in any dental office.















 The X-Tools:

The implantology with immediate insertion after the tooth extraction is more and more a focus of interest in the modern dentistry. It appears to be more than necessary to conserve soft and hard tissue structures already during the extraction phase and to follow the principles minimal invasive. Here is an ideal complement for this: The Xtool-Instruments! In contrast to existing instruments this clearly arranged and universal Xtool set supports you during the gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth which cannot be preserved.

Modern therapy methods require modern instruments!

Key benefits:

  • Universal and complete extraction instruments in one tray
  • New handle design (pencil design) prevents unintended slipping during usage.
  • Direct and controlled power transmission to prevent tooth and root fractures.
  • Non-traumatic tooth extraction without injuring surrounding structures.
  • Color coding for clear handling.

1. Initial loosening of the tooth. First approximal, then buccal application of the X-DesmoTool Instrument (Yellow Marking) Usage: Pencil Grip! Note: Instrument is not to be used as a lever.

2. Followed by progressive luxation of the fibers. Ideal Position: approximal (mesial instrument. Working Position: Pencil grip distal) to the tooth which is to be extracted.

3. Complete luxation of a right upper molar (eg Tooth 16) with a wide X-LuxaTool Instrument. Very easy handling. Gentle extraction without any root fracture!

4. Inspection and curettage of the empty tooth. Complete removal of all inflamed application and connective tissue fibers. Note: These instruments have been developed as an alternative for classic elevators. The instrument is not destined for conventional brace against buccal and/or lingual bones. Furthermore the gentle removal of the teeth should be reached by prior luxation and cutting the scharpeys fiber.



NEW: Periotome 26.182.23!

Separation of the Sharpey‘s fibres with the new ZEPF Periotomes!

Before using any root elevator it is advised to separate the Sharpey’s fibres in the sulcus with a periotome in order to do a non-traumatic tooth extraction. To do this you draw the periotome through the sulcus. The correct application prevents damages on the gingiva and the periosteum.

The two new instruments are characterized by the optimal blade angle so that a separation of the ligaments is possible in all areas. Additionally one of the instruments is equipped with a straight sharp spoon. This is for the complete removal of all inflammed connective tissue fibre structures after the extraction.  (26.182.23 Periotome)



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