Kalthoff Orthodontic Pliers Product Spot

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Introducing the Kalthoff Orthodontic Multi Plier!

The Kalthoff plier is a multi faceted instrument for orthodontic procedures. Much like a swiss army knife the kalthoff plier is designed to remove the need for multiple instruments.

Introducing the Kalthoff plier. A multifaceted Orthodontic plier that removes the need of more than 10 different orthodontic instruments. 

Video Description:

Kalthoff Plier Functions:

  • Bending of labial out bows

  • Shaping the labial loop

  • Bending an anterior spring

  • Retention of wire ends

  • Measuring and cutting of wire to length

  • Bending U shaped body wire

  • Pulling a U-Loop

  • Forming an "Adams" clamp

  • Reducing of toothed projection of Adams-clamp

  • Bending an angles of Adams-clamp-tooth

  • Bending small eyelets

  • Bending of Jackel spreading clamps

  • Bending the triangle

  • Bending the angle of triangle clamps


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