Nanopal Coated Composite Instruments

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Introducing Two new products launched during the IDS International Dental Conference!

The new Zepf Nanopal coating offers a surface with a hardness of 4500 Vickers. This means that the cutting surface of instruments coated in the Zepf Nanopal coating have an extremely extended period of sharpness and longevity getting rid of the need for resharpening. The surface is also no reflective reducing glare while working in a patients mouth.

ATTIN Compo Knives

These instruments have been specially designed to remove composite filling residue hassle free. So far composite residue has been removed in multiple ways including curettes, excavators or scalpel blades. Curettes and scalers are usually too weak resulting in a high risk of breakage while scalpel blades have a high levels of hardness and sharpness but lack angulation that many jobs require. 

The new ATTIN Compo Knives have addressed all of these concerns resulting in instruments with superior hardness and sharpness with multifaceted angles to reach all quadrants safely and efficiently. 

For more information on these products download the flyer here

Micro-Composite Spatulas

Introducing superfine spatulas for the most delicate of composite restorations. When it comes to composite restoration the aesthetics of the job are in the hands of the practitioner. With the new micro composite spatuals in 1.1mm and 1.6mm widths you are provided with highly flexible ultra fine spatulas for the modst precise modeling of delicate structures.

For more information on these products download the flyer here


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