UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) - Blue & Green Inc.
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UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) - Blue & Green Inc. UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) - Blue & Green Inc. UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) - Blue & Green Inc. UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) - Blue & Green Inc.

StarVision UP 3.0 - Sydney - Model A (125-002) Student Price Only

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Applicable only with valid student ID, copy attached to order

UP - Flip up system (frame Sydney A)

The tried and tested optics offer a bright and brilliant image with no chromatic aberrations. Great depth of field and excellent imaging quality are impressive features in challenging situations and make this versatile magnifying glass an indispensable tool for one or more users in everyday practical situations.

The Sydney comes with an attractive modern sporty design, great comfort when worn and maximum functionality.

We recommend lenses from ZEISS for any necessary vision correction.

Price for Loupes and Light, please contact the office as for some of the Loupes we have to make custom lenses based on prescription, in Germany.
We also have student and Dental School discounts -  Ask for more details and fill out the form on our student section in our website.

Student Price Only. Please fill out the form and attached the Student ID.

Please contact before placing your order as some measurement may required .

Made in Germany.


Flip up System


Sydney - Modell A

Frame size

L, S

Frame colour

Transparent, Slate-Grey, Copper, Frozen-Grey



Working distance

350 / 400 / 450 mm

Optional accessories

starLight mit Adapter

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